Who We Are

“Though my soul may set in darkness,
it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly
to be fearful of the night.”

The Children of Raxxla (CoR) are a player faction that has a large emphasis on role play — particularly role playing stories and in-game events that are linked to the mysteries of the galaxy. They have no allegiance to any of the power blocs and treat all political entities with equal suspicion. They took action and made a number of public accusations against certain leading political and economic figureheads as well as helped exposing the “Club” during the Dynasty Crisis. As a result of this, the CoR are viewed as a dissident faction by those subservient to the major factions.

The CoR were born out of the original investigations into the Formidine Rift in circa February/March 2015, although the group didn’t exist in any official capacity until Frontier Developments introduced player factions later that year. Initial activities included thoroughly discussing and surveying the region that would later become known as the Formidine Rift. At the time, Frontier Developments made it clear they wanted to see a part of a bigger story unfold there.

In the spring of 2015, however, Frontier abandoned the Formidine Rift mystery along with support for the official Elite author Drew Wagar, who had introduced the mystery into the Elite timeline via the book Elite: Reclamation. Despite this setback, players who still enjoyed the brief history of the Rift story approached Drew and asked if they could adopt the protagonist of Drew’s novel, Lady Kahina Tijani Loren, aka Salomé, as their figurehead and continue to role play the various adventures the character was originally implemented into the game lore for. Drew agreed, and he even wrote a short novella that introduced Salomé to the Children.

However, since the story was no longer part of the game and no more articles were to be written about it, many abandoned the quest in favour of the mystery of the then introduced ‘unknown artefacts’ near the Pleiades star cluster. The CoR continued to investigating the Rift, among other things, but in a purely role played capacity. Eventually interest in group activity waned during the winter of 2015 as the whole saga lost its momentum… the story gradually became a distant memory.

In early April 2016, Salomé did make a surprise reappearance in the game out at Beagle Point during the Distant Worlds finale, where she addressed the last remnants of the Children of Raxxla who were still active and had journeyed to the far side of the galaxy during that expedition. This encounter re-energized the CoR and plans were made to revive the group.

Upon returning to civilized space, the CoR pilots who attended the Sanctuary Hill meeting at Beagle Point were given a directive by Salomé to set up listening posts along the borders of the Formidine Rift.

In the summer of 2016, a rewrite of some of the background lore was initiated by Frontier, with some aspects no longer being considered as canon. Possibly unrelated, Frontier then announced that they were reinstating the whole Salomé story arc and the Rift mystery, and had also brought Drew Wagar in again to oversee how it was to be played out.

The CoR were brought out of their slumber and were privileged to be allowed to be used as a conduit to bring aspects of the story alive in the game where possible. Some of the results plus the fiery finale of Salomé’s story were given in Drew’s new book Elite: Premonition.

The CoR have a dedicated research team that works on in-game clues, lore, and public hints released by Frontier, and a dedicated role play team that work on events, articles, videos, and projects that are based on whatever direction those clues lead them. And although players have been assured that their in-game actions can influence the narrative, none of the CoR’s role played events or articles (nor anyone else’s) should be seen as official parts of the story until acknowledged as such by Frontier.

The CoR maintain a Squadron presence on the Inara website for those interested in our lore and involvement; or for those ready to step behind the veil and set themselves on a journey towards membership.

It must be stated here for additional clarity that CoR have not and do not get insider information that could help unravel the galaxy’s mysteries. They have never asked for it, and would never expect it. CoR are occasionally used as a vehicle to bring some aspects of the narrative alive in-game, via Alessia Verdi and past interactions with Salomé, and the snippets of GalNet articles that everyone has access to.

It should also be emphasized that CoR did not have exclusivity over Salomé. She was a public figure.  Other groups or lone wolf players who put the dedication and work in to unraveling the mysteries had also been included in her role playing narrative, and are responsible for bringing interaction and events alive in-game.  Groups who are linked to Salomé and the characters from Reclamation include Loren’s Legion, Phoenix Group, Federation Foreign Service, EDF and the character Raan Corsen.