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A Lighthouse [September 3304]

Chronicle #26 Restoring Harmony Dedicated to Jasmina Halsey and her noble refugee program July 3304 saw an astonishing amount of fearmongering and scapegoating that was brought up by a few people feeling threatened by a religious minority. These reports were further fueled by the Galactic media jumping on the scapegoat train by picking up on … Continue reading A Lighthouse [September 3304]

Operation Shieldbreaker [September 3304]

Chronicle #27 Along with Canonn Research, the Children plan to survey the out-of-bounds Cone Sector In the aftermath of Project Dynasty and the galactic conspiracy that was hinted at, attention quickly turned back to the various permit-locked sectors of space that still dotted the greater Orion and Barnard areas. With more and more rumours of … Continue reading Operation Shieldbreaker [September 3304]

Against Mistrust [July 3304]

Chronicle #25 How the galactic media is drumming for more protection A statement by the Children of Raxxla on current political machinations: People of the Galactic Community!​ Your way of living and your free will are in danger. Not by a religious minority living their rituals freely and in peace as guaranteed by the Articles … Continue reading Against Mistrust [July 3304]

The Faces Of Janus [June 3304]

Chronicle #24 The Children of Raxxla move to uncover illegal genetic experiments A mission statement made by the Children of Raxxla after a concerted strike mission: Independent pilots, members of the free media, and citizens of the Empire, Federation, Alliance and Sirius Gov! Our governments and institutions have long been co-opted by a vast and … Continue reading The Faces Of Janus [June 3304]

The Thargoid Bases [June 3303]

Chronicle #21 Through triangulation of strange signals pilots discover huge Thargoid surface structures While a number of pilots from the Children of Raxxla (CoR) were on the Monoceros Mission deep inside the Perseus Fade, other breathtaking discoveries were made in the Pleiades region. The area had seen a recent proxy war over the much coveted … Continue reading The Thargoid Bases [June 3303]

In Memoriam [May 3303]

Chronicle #18 When the dust settles, Salomé’s friends hold a memorial service in her name The following is an account of the memorial service for the death of Lady Kahina Tijani Loren, aka Salomé. She was killed by bounty hunters on April 29th 3303 in the Anumclaw system after having declared she had found evidence … Continue reading In Memoriam [May 3303]

Brought To Light [April 3303]

Chronicle #16 The CoR dash across the Formidine Rift to unravel one of its last riddles While dramatic events unfolded in the Bubble in an ever faster torrent of news and actions, the Crypto Team of the Children of Raxxla (CoR) — along with a number of other independently investigating organisations — were busily working … Continue reading Brought To Light [April 3303]

Directive Four [April 3303]

Chronicle #14 Outcries and divided loyalties over Salomé’s reappearance At the beginning of April 3303, the Children of Raxxla (CoR) for the second time in their history issued a general mobilisation. In response to the recent news that Salomé was indeed alive, at least according to footage gained from the theft at Darnielle’s Progress, Maia, … Continue reading Directive Four [April 3303]

A Signal From Collinder 70 [March 3303]

Chronicle #14 Salomé’s reappearance near a permit-locked sector sparks interstellar conspiration theories… and worse… On March 20th 3303, news spread about a distress call from the otherwise permit-locked sector of Collinder (COL) 70 in the galactic media. Apparently, it had first been picked up by a number of pilots investigating the borders of that sector. … Continue reading A Signal From Collinder 70 [March 3303]

The Wreaken Protests [March 3303]

Chronicle #13 Commanders unite in their protests over a megacorporation’s secret operations As if March hadn’t been turbulent enough already, news had surfaced throughout February that corporate operations — in this case the Wreaken Construction and Mining megacorp — lay hidden deep inside the otherwise permit-locked Collinder (COL) 70 sector. These operations had apparently claimed … Continue reading The Wreaken Protests [March 3303]

Directive Three [January 3303]

Chronicle #11 The CoR disclose their findings and theories to the galactic community In early 3303 it was clear that recent events had caused a lot of upheavals in the political, corporate and independent pilots’ theater. While speculations had amounted to the possible return of the Thargoids, the questioning of the validity of the London … Continue reading Directive Three [January 3303]

Securing The Truth [January 3303]

Chronicle #10 The discovery of the abandoned settlements of Project Dynasty Despite the political and personal implications of Salomé’s imprisonment, as well as the move of a good portion of explorers to the newly established ‘Colonia Frontier’ in the very distant Eol Prou sector, the Formidine Rift expeditions continued well into the year 3303. Additionally, … Continue reading Securing The Truth [January 3303]

Directive Two [October 3302]

Chronicle #8 Alessia Verdi calls for a CoR mobilisation After ‘Directive One’ had resulted in several more or less permanent listening posts near the Formidine Rift and a vast influx of astronomical data, word of the results trickled back to the Bubble and set off several political machinations that some viewed as disturbing, while others … Continue reading Directive Two [October 3302]

Directive One [April 3302]

Chronicle #6 Salomé’s Directive to the Children of Raxxla after Distant Worlds In April 3302, shortly after the official ending of the Distant Worlds expedition, the Children of Raxxla received a secret communiqué from Salomé. Internal discussions of the content linked it to Salomé’s cryptic remark at Sanctuary Hill that the exploration data gathered along … Continue reading Directive One [April 3302]

Salomé’s Message [April 3302]

Chronicle #5 The Meeting on Sanctuary Hill during the Distant Worlds Expedition When the Distant Worlds flotilla had finally reached the remote Ceekia region and the iconic system explorers dubbed ‘Beagle Point’, the official last waypoint of the endeavour had been completed. Pilots dispersed around the system to scout the area and others took some … Continue reading Salomé’s Message [April 3302]

Founding Of The Children [September 3301]

Chronicle # 4 Founding statement of the Children of Raxxla The following is the announcement of the foundation of the Children of Raxxla. Initial members came from a variety of backgrounds, including from the informal ‘Formidine Rifters’, elements of the Pilots Federation and even some who claimed they were members of a secret organisation that … Continue reading Founding Of The Children [September 3301]

A Play For Power? [May 3301]

Chronicle #2 Lady Loren’s play for power With all the recent turbulences in galactic politics, the subtle and not so subtle power plays and the appearance of figureheads for various corporations, factions and in fact whole splinter groups within the three superpowers, there is rife speculation about the political ambitions of a certain Imperial senator … Continue reading A Play For Power? [May 3301]

Daedalus Wing [March 3301]

Chronicle #1 Daedalus Wing The following is a leaked transcript of some of the earliest non-governmental survey attempts made by independent pilots in circa March 3301. It is believed the debriefing was made for Karl Devene, then Head of Astrocartography of the Federation Navy: Independent pilots, most of who seem to hold a Pilots Federation … Continue reading Daedalus Wing [March 3301]