Core Principles

The Children of Raxxla (CoR), while wary of governmental machinations and power plays, recognise the need to adhere to a codex of conduct, lest humanity not fall into tribalism and the darker times we came to leave behind. For that, the Children agree to follow a number of core principles that make up the heart and soul of the group.

First among them is the belief that many mysteries exist in the galaxy — mysteries that are far beyond the scope of what we currently think we understand. Then there is the ‘truth’ we are led to believe by taking mainstream news at face value or by accepting the statements and actions of the major power leaders as unobfuscated truths. Discovering and revealing the nature of these mysteries is a core component of the Children of Raxxla ethos, as is the dismantlement of what is sold as truth to us. This spirit of discovery often takes us far from the safety of inhabited space but we do not fear this.

Second, the Children do not fully trust the words or actions of any major power or prominent leader based on these powers’ history of disingenuous and in some cases blatant deception or warmongering. We understand that too often, the motives and incentives that drive the actions of major powers and their leaders are not well aligned with those of the majority of citizens of the galaxy, nor are they in their best interest.
We harbor no ill will towards these powers and the CoR understand that some of its members may, at times, work with and among these galactic powers. So long as these Commanders maintain good standing with the CoR and their allies and their actions do not actively seek to undermine the efforts of the CoR, we make no judgement against them.

Third, regarding our approach to secrecy, the CoR seek to make discoveries regarding the nature of galactic, scientific, political and anthropological mysteries and phenomena for the benefit of all galactic citizens. In an ideal galaxy with political and social equilibrium, knowledge would be immediately shared by the CoR across all instances. However, reality requires that we employ care and foresight in sensitive communication, lest we find that parties and powers with selfish motives use it against the weak and unknowing.
To this end, the CoR must walk the fine line between the shadow and the light — avoiding harming others through the careless sharing of dangerous information while taking equal care to avoid being called intransparent.

Fourth, we believe that true CoR membership is based on merit: on contribution to our search for knowledge, participation in priority operations and regular contribution to the overall organisational culture.

From a roleplay perspective, CoR membership requires the renunciation of all prior and future political allegiance. However, we know the constraints certain game mechanics force upon us: So from a gameplay perspective, members are free to be affiliated with Powerplay factions in order to gain access to sought after PP specific ‘perks’.
Our members are free to ply their trade throughout the gameworld as they see fit, so long as when they’re on CoR ‘duty’ they don’t allow their allegiances or activities to conflict with the CoR ethos or directives. As a roleplayer, playing the role of a semi-secretive commander, we trust you to respect that guideline.
There is one exception, however: Groups who are in direct conflict with CoR. In such cases we will expect CoR members to sever all ties with any group that is hostile to CoR or their allies. Failing to adhere to this rule will forfeit any active and future CoR membership.

Members of the CoR are always encouraged to role play their secretive persona — although this is not mandatory. The bottom line is you are part of a shadowy group of Elite pilots, sworn to unravel secrets that may be kept by others. Openly stating that you are a member of the CoR is discouraged, but the Consulate understands this is not always possible and some players will always want to post with their CoR banners and signatures on show. This is fine as long as non-Consul members don’t pose as official spokespersons for CoR when communicating with the general public.

Fifth, Unsolicited Player-versus-Player actions, ganking, griefing and other forms of harassment is off-limits. This also includes internet trolling as a member of the CoR, because this behavior may fall back on the group as a whole. Remember there are always people out there who want to tarnish CoR’s reputation within the galactic community and will pick up any opportunity gladly for their spin.

Sixth and last, but of equal importance to the above, the CoR looked to the experience, spiritual leadership and insights of the late Salomé, formerly Senator Kahina Tijani Loren of the Prism system, for guidance and direction as we continue to follow our guiding principles and seek to uncover the secrets of the galaxy.

We are her legacy and we remember.