The Chronicles

Here you will find the ten recent chronicles:

A Lighthouse [September 3304]

Chronicle #26 Restoring Harmony Dedicated to Jasmina Halsey and her noble refugee program July 3304 saw an astonishing amount of fearmongering and scapegoating that was brought up by a few people feeling threatened by a religious minority. These reports were further fueled by the Galactic media jumping on the scapegoat train by picking up on … Continue reading A Lighthouse [September 3304]

Operation Shieldbreaker [September 3304]

Chronicle #27 Along with Canonn Research, the Children plan to survey the out-of-bounds Cone Sector In the aftermath of Project Dynasty and the galactic conspiracy that was hinted at, attention quickly turned back to the various permit-locked sectors of space that still dotted the greater Orion and Barnard areas. With more and more rumours of … Continue reading Operation Shieldbreaker [September 3304]

Against Mistrust [July 3304]

Chronicle #25 How the galactic media is drumming for more protection A statement by the Children of Raxxla on current political machinations: People of the Galactic Community!​ Your way of living and your free will are in danger. Not by a religious minority living their rituals freely and in peace as guaranteed by the Articles … Continue reading Against Mistrust [July 3304]

The Faces Of Janus [June 3304]

Chronicle #24 The Children of Raxxla move to uncover illegal genetic experiments A mission statement made by the Children of Raxxla after a concerted strike mission: Independent pilots, members of the free media, and citizens of the Empire, Federation, Alliance and Sirius Gov! Our governments and institutions have long been co-opted by a vast and … Continue reading The Faces Of Janus [June 3304]

The Thargoid Bases [June 3303]

Chronicle #21 Through triangulation of strange signals pilots discover huge Thargoid surface structures While a number of pilots from the Children of Raxxla (CoR) were on the Monoceros Mission deep inside the Perseus Fade, other breathtaking discoveries were made in the Pleiades region. The area had seen a recent proxy war over the much coveted … Continue reading The Thargoid Bases [June 3303]

In Memoriam [May 3303]

Chronicle #18 When the dust settles, Salomé’s friends hold a memorial service in her name The following is an account of the memorial service for the death of Lady Kahina Tijani Loren, aka Salomé. She was killed by bounty hunters on April 29th 3303 in the Anumclaw system after having declared she had found evidence … Continue reading In Memoriam [May 3303]