Against Mistrust [July 3304]

Chronicle #25

How the galactic media is drumming for more protection

A statement by the Children of Raxxla on current political machinations:

People of the Galactic Community!​

Your way of living and your free will are in danger. Not by a religious minority living their rituals freely and in peace as guaranteed by the Articles of Federation. No, they are endangered by those who govern you, who hold power over you by force or election and with the technological tools and all the money of the 34th century at their sides.

You are the tools that must have fear and mistrust in order for their dark plans to succeed. You are made the pawns of their backroom dealings once more. And in your hearts you know it.

In times of peril and uncertainty, Humanity is strongest when they – we! – gather together in common cause and stand united for the values we have upheld so very often. This truth is as old as we are ourselves as a civilised people and it has opened up for us the luminous pathway to the stars, most of the time out of an age of oppression, cultural diaspora and darkness.

But it was not fear of the dark that lead us to the stars. It was our adventurous curiosity that has led us where we are now and today. And it was our universal spirit and the belief that we have to make better than the times that lie behind us.

Today, all this is suddenly in peril, because of a minority that wants to celebrate their religious ideas differently. Our galactic community is on the brink of destruction and a social revolution is imminent; because of a group of Human religious practitioners who want to live among us.

Or so we – you! – are made to think.

​And it has always started that way. You must be made afraid of them. Their ideals and beliefs have to be horrified and distorted so you fear them and turn to those who are in power for more ‘protection’.

This ‘protection’ will forever haunt us.

​So to lull you into a social slumber of acceptance and conformity, they need a minority to point at. They need to make others appear dangerous to our ideals, our morale and our way of life. They must do this so they can ‘protect’ you from them.

See how easy it goes? It is not the community anymore we came to know: It is them against you; and in turn it is you against them. The principle is millennia old: Divide and rule.

Our history is full of examples of this ‘protection’: The Navajo, the Inka, the Khoikhoi, the Maia, the Uigurs, the Maori, the Herero, the Copts, the Huguenots, the New Agers, the Goorie, the Tau Cetans, the Achenars, the Hindu, the Christians, the Muslims and the Jews.

These examples, and there are hundreds more, have all led to war, because governments felt they needed to ‘protect’ their people from these minorities.

One may ask: Why not protect ‘all’ of the people? All of Humanity? Why make a distinction?

Because minorities cannot defend themselves. And they are easy to single out because they are made ‘dangerously different’ by whatever media spin a powerful government can conjure up.

Do not let yourselves goaded into this by the cheap tricks of those who presume to watch over you. Oh, they do, but not in a way you would feel comfortable with.

They will eventually tell you they need the tools to uphold that ‘protection’. As if they hadn’t already got them at their disposal! But they want more: More protection. Always!

Inevitably, those that offer this ‘protection’ will argue that they can only do it by raising security protocols. Such has been the voice of millions of curfews and checkpoints: This is for your own ‘protection’.

They will say they need more security personnel, who are your friends of course, your pals with guns. They will also say they need more taxes. And in order to ‘protect’ you they need to build education camps for those who have fallen from their grace. This “re-education” will be painless and peaceful of course, or so they will tell you. Hell, you will not even notice. History may have called them concentration camps or detention facilities but those nasty names were given to them by the malcontent and the dim-witted, yes?

Look around: It has already begun. The London Treaty was abolished for the same reasons the fleets have been upped and those detention centers erected. The galactic media has all but been brought into line and they spoon feed you what the government want you to hear all day, all week: That you are in danger. Where you once had the certainty to live your lives unmolested, they conjure up the illusion that now you ‘need’ these new measures to live just the same. They give you pictures of fabricated and purchased outrage and violence to rob your reason and the volition to make up your own opinion. They buy their ‘likes’ and unleash their hordes of social influencers to make you see that they are right.

It is a ruse.

​Of course they are wrong, and eventually fate will hold them accountable. Or maybe you? Humanity is stronger than all of their spin brought together. We always were, weren’t we? But until then, your reason and free will guaranteed by the Articles of Federation and the common sense of living together will have to suffice with sensors and monitors; for your ‘protection’.

He who sleeps in a democracy will wake up in a dictatorship. Thus has always been the case. And sometimes we fall asleep ever so slightly and wake up a little bit more …uncertain.

They know, of course. Your fear is their fodder and your uncertainty their lifeblood. And your slumberous mind is their veil behind which they hide.

We have to break through this comfortable veil. We have to tear it down to see their plans laid bare. Free men and women have always risked and lost their lives in doing so.

The Children of Raxxla are among them and leave no opportunity out to try and destroy the veil that hinders our vision on the things that are. We call upon you now to throw off this mantle of comfortable illusion and see behind the charade that you are being maneuvered into: This is not about religion or protection or an alien ‘fifth column’ usurping our way of life, it is about control.

Control of your movement and control of your thoughts. Control of your neighbour’s house and control of the way you once had the free choice to live however you wanted. Do not let made-up bigotry cloud your vision any longer. These people are not the problem. It is those who are in power trying to tell you how to view them. They need this sect to be as evil as possible so they can turn your anger and frustration against them. This is why they want you to believe they will be the alien-controlled sleepers among you who will kill you in your own sleep.

This is not the way! We are one, and they are a part of us: A community built on trust is harder to crack than one that is built on fear. Our pathway to the stars was light and dark at times but reason and the care for another have always prevailed. These are the principles that guarantee our morale and our integrity. And they guarantee the prospering of different ideas and the feeling that a minority must not be afraid of its neighbours but rather be embraced by them. It is called civilisation and it is everyone’s right to flourish in it.

Do not let this be taken from you! It is yours and yours alone!


The original statement can be found here.