The Faces Of Janus [June 3304]

Chronicle #24

The Children of Raxxla move to uncover illegal genetic experiments

A mission statement made by the Children of Raxxla after a concerted strike mission:

Independent pilots, members of the free media, and citizens of the Empire, Federation, Alliance and Sirius Gov!

Our governments and institutions have long been co-opted by a vast and powerful conspiracy. This cabal, or as some may have come to call them “The Club”, have no objections to mass murder, extortion, treason and experimentation on living humans against their will. All to protect their secrecy, to advance their agenda and to maintain their control over the fate of humanity.

The Children of Raxxla have drawn a line in the sand: We can no longer sit idly by while this shadowy cabal violates basic rights that should be inalienable to every form of sentient life. We cannot continue in good conscience to allow humans to be abducted and used as lab rats against their will in experiments to create the next generation of genetically enhanced soldiers. This program run by Janus Corp, which some are calling “The Giurgea Pivot”, requires large quantities of both progenitor cells and a continuous fresh supply of abducted test subjects.

Over the weekend, with logistical assistance from the Kuun-Lan, HIP 106288’s controlling faction, The Children of Raxxla have launched a limited strike on Janus Corp’s unauthorized station and enforced an embargo on progenitor cells within the system in an operation called “Primum Non Nocere”. The strike was planned to limit the operations aboard the station while minimizing casualties. To achieve this, several hundred missiles were fired at the catwalks connecting the different sections of the station.

We demand an open and unbiased investigation on the unauthorized Janus Corp Medical Research Centre station within the HIP 106288 system as well as all Janus Corp research labs within the Pleiades and for all involved to be immediately brought to justice for their crimes against humanity and their victims compensated.

We encourage groups of independent pilots to make a stand, make your own powerplays, resist “The Club’s” influence and to band together with other groups who are willing to demand these usurpers be brought to justice and our freedom to choose our fate be restored.

Thank you and as always; Remember…

The original statement can be found here.