The Legacy Campaign [October 3303]

Chronicle #22

CoR pilots dash across the Bubble to save a priceless piece of jewelry

On October 28th 3304 the Crypto team of the Children of Raxxla (CoR) received a garbled and heavily distorted message from a location near the Imperial border zones.

“(…) …. sure our … Lady Loren’s possession … played adequat… …ant …buyers eyes …verted … fancy bauble … Soontill junk … display …tered on the dais (…)”

From this message’s contents it was clear to the CoR that some entrepreneur had apparently acquired some personal item from the late Lady Salomé and wanted to sell it to some “buyers’ eyes” while it was put on “display”. This smelt like an auction of some kind so the CoR sent out a number of their ‘Resource Contractors’ to find out more details about the sale. Meanwhile the Consulate issued an order to all available pilots to return to Serebrov Terminal and ready themselves for a mission:

A few days later, a briefing was held in one of the more secure CoR vaults. The transcript of the briefing is given here for the sake of transparency:

(Woman’s voice): “The briefing is up, so let us get to the point: We have solid information that one of Salomé’s personal effects surfaced somehow and is advertised for an auction at a yet undisclosed location. Intel suggests there may be as much as a dozen interested parties.” 

The Consuls have weighed the matter and decided to have us get involved. One or more investigation cells are to be formed and prepped for departure asap. The codename is “Legacy”. We need to know the location and the buyer. You are then authorized to take suitable measures and retrieve the object without the loss of lives and the emergence of unnecessary attention.

Invitations to this auction have been injected into several major black markets not long ago, one of them being the Smedi Bazaars of Sikorsky Orbital in the Balmung system. That is Fleet Admiral Patreus’ domain. The invitations indicate a very wealthy patron. Black market prices were already in the lower millions of credits apiece. They are coded to place bookmarks into a standard Pilots Federation issue galaxy map, presumably at a specific time. Our firmware specialists will try to trigger a premature activation but we cannot be sure about it. You are therefore expected to investigate on site as you see fit. Crypto will contact you again, hopefully with more information. Any questions?

Good. Coordinate, then prep your cells and report them to Consuls or Intel. They will then set up translight comms. Good luck out there.”

On November 4th 3304 the following message was beamed to all Legacy pilots.

Several CoR pilots immediately left for Pi Piscis Austrini, a system at the fringes of Imperial space. Farghani Hub may have seemed like one the typical out-of-the-way outposts at first, but it turned out to be a rather industrious port with a good number of shady or unsavoury businesses. It seemed imperial doctrine was somewhat in retreat here — deliberately or not.

Through typical actions in shady environments, the pilots managed to identify a number of ships that had left Farghani Hub recently: A red Dolphin (the Pleiadean Solstice), a golden Beluga Liner (the Argo Usetiai) and an Imperial Cutter in chrome (the Wintermare). All ships had undocked within the hour after the auction was over.

Taking a number of shrewd moves, the CoR were able to pinpoint all three ships within the system: The Wintermare was reported near a local gas giant, the Solstice had docked at the local Ulloa Port and the Argo was apparently attending an ice skating event on the local ice planet “AB One”. When CoR pilots arrived near the gas giant, they spotted the wreckage of a Cutter, which turned out to be the Wintermare.

While inspecting the wreckage the pilots were attacked by a number of raiders who apparently suspected the ‘Mare just having been robbed and salvaged. After a heated space battle, the CoR took the field but had to remain in order to make some deep space repairs to their ships so they relayed their findings back to CoR Operations and the other Children.

Meanwhile, others had traced the Solstice to Ulloa Dock through a secret station recording and by taking its former pilot on a bar cruise, they found out it had requested astronavigation plans for a route to the Laksak system. That was very interesting, because Laksak was the location of one of the more obscure trader magnates (and renown Engineers) called Lei Cheung.

That was also, when CoR Operations discovered a security breach back at Serebrov Towers. Apparently, a gang of highly sophisticated hackers had tried to disable security protocols and insert an infiltration team of heavily armed mercenaries. The exact purpose was unclear at first but after the threat was neutralised, interrogation of a prisoner showed the men had been sent to steal physical and data evidence about the Children’s current operation. From that moment, it was clear that the race to recover Salomé’s trinket was also a race against time and powerful adversaries. The “Club” or some of their lackeys immediately came to mind.

So with all due haste — and an additional contingency team on its way — the Children pushed for Laksak, trying to pick up the Dolphin’s trail. When they arrived, they split up with one team heading directly towards Lei Cheung’s base “Trader’s Rest” and the other to a crash site they had located several hundred kilometers away. While team #2 discovered the wreckage of the Solstice at the crash site and that it had been downed by laser fire, team #1 arrived at Trader’s Rest in time to defend the base from a raid by a group of military grade equipped mercenaries. After all of the mercenaries had been killed, Lei Cheung finally made an appearance and handed the CoR team leader the object of desire: Salomè’s Prism.

When the CoR teams made contact with CoR Operations again, they were directed — to their utter surprise — to travel to the centre of the galaxy, the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A*, and await instructions there while going on standby.

After a long flight full of thoughts, flashbacks and foreshadowing, the small CoR wing finally arrived at Sagittarius A* and met with a CoR returnee from the “Ditant Worlds 2” expedition. They gathered in their ships close to the Sagittarius Beacon and prepared for their final service to Lady Salomé. A ceremony was held in her memory and finally the trinket was placed in a palladium time capsule, which was then launched directly towards the black hole.

Again, the ceremony’s transcript is given here for the sake of heritage and transparency:

“It is with honour that I welcome you, my fellow Children of Raxxla to the centre of our galaxy in celebration of a legacy: The legacy of our dear Salomé, the woman who has given us so much to fight for, and so much to share with the galaxy. The last year was rife with trials and tribulations for each and every one of us that have helped in the search for Salome’s Prism.

This trinket, this Prism, that once belonged to our Lady Salomé is a token to her legacy, to the risks and sacrifices she made to expose those that would otherwise pull the invisible strings over a galaxy of puppets. It was because of her that we were able to cut these strings and to move with true freedom in a galaxy that would rather not allow anyone such a treasure.

My fellow Children, with this trinket’s sacrifice to our great galaxy, we continue forward with our purpose of discovering the goals, intents and identities of our great puppeteers. We move forward with our wings spread wide, and the cosmic winds at our backs. We move forward to a time of new progress, conspiracies and lies. Lies that we will reveal and that we will fight against, for the freedom that each and every one of us deserves. 

We fight because we remember. We will search because we remember. We are here today, to mark Salomé’s sacrifice because we remember. We will continue to pave our way through the galaxy because we remember. And we will remember this day, as a monument against our unseen foes, that we will not forget, we will not sit idly by, and we will never…. ever….. forget. 

We are the Children of Raxxla, and we will….. Remember.”

It is said that in the end, as the time capsule approached Sagittarius A*, there was a sudden backlash in radio frequencies that quickly narrowed down to broadband. After another couple of seconds of white noise, the signal became clear and sent out an audio  message, just moments before the time capsule froze on “Old Sag’s” event horizon.

There has been much speculation about the contents of this message and maybe it’s one of the Children’s best guarded secrets, who knows?

Out-of-game context:

The Legacy Campaign was a CoR role play event that lasted for several months and led the Children on a hunt for an artefact from Salomé’s personal belongings, a ring with a beautiful prism-like sapphire: Salomé’s Prism; an allusion to her home system and to the significance some of her major actions held.

Players were invited to weave their Commanders’ personal tales into the narrative of the campaign, thus forming a story driven by the interaction of galactic events and their decisions and actions. The result was a collage of role play episodes, log entries, audio logs and story related images.

The Legacy Campaign also made a lore addition to the Children of Raxxla. It is learned for the first time that the CoR keep a ‘Caretaker’ in a stasis/hibernation tank. He seems to be a Commander of considerable age and experience. His true identity is unknown, although he is sometimes referred to as John or Jayjay. It’s unknown if more than one of these Caretakers exist and how the CoR have managed to ‘acquire’ them.