The Thargoid Bases [June 3303]

Chronicle #21

Through triangulation of strange signals pilots discover huge Thargoid surface structures

While a number of pilots from the Children of Raxxla (CoR) were on the Monoceros Mission deep inside the Perseus Fade, other breathtaking discoveries were made in the Pleiades region. The area had seen a recent proxy war over the much coveted meta-alloys and a number of alien wreckage sites but nothing could have prepared the Bubble for the first leaks when they hit home. What follows is a debriefing done by a member of the CoR Xenobiology Team:

On June 26, the Pleiades intel group traced and followed a curious set of signals emitted by a group of listening posts around the Pleiades. The origins of those listening probes is currently unknown but they may have been deployed by Federal or Imperial forces to secure their hold on the area. These listening posts repeated a particular set of signals that seemed to be coordinates to a location. After triangulation they seemed to point at the HIP 19026 system. We pinpointed it to the third moon of the B 1 gas giant. I think that at that point nobody was really surprised anymore that more mysterious things were found around here, but when we first saw it from orbit we were struck with shock, fear and excitement. 

What we found was an immense alien base of some sorts that could already be seen from low orbit. With all the leads from those unknown artifacts and probes and stuff, we estimate that it’s highly plausible these bases belong to the Thargoids. The general architecture is somewhat between circular and octagonal and reminiscient of the mysterious alien ships that have been pulling us out of witchspace. Huge organic structures dot the perimeter, their purposes unknown. They almost look like the skeletal remains of some huge ships. For the time being we entered the whole structure as a ‘Thargoid Surface Site’ into our databases. 

We also discovered small hovering machines around the site. Their purpose is unknown, but they seem to be autonomous and maybe on some sort of maintenance mode as they appear to infuse substances into breaches in the site’s superstructure. They were passive to our presence unless provoked. Luckily, it seems ordinary SRV weaponry and defenses are effective against them.

[Addendum]: The debriefing was updated a number of days later when investigating pilots had discovered many others of these sites across multiple sectors of space:

The central structure of these sites very much look like a Thargoid ship with the characteristic octagonal flower petal layout. All sites discovered had these hovering ‘repair drones’ around them and some pilots have started to name them ‘scavengers’ since they seem to use old substance and recycle it in some way. This substance proved to be quite similar to Barnacle meta-alloys. 

As mentioned before, some if not most of these sites looked damaged in some parts. Whether the damage came from an outside force or just from the tolls of time could not be established. However, all reported sites have various sealed surface openings that may have acted as doorways. At some sites all the entrances are caved in, making them inaccessible. Others can be opened: We found out that carrying one of the unknown artifacts or probes was enough for  these doors to open.

We don’t know whether we trespassed on some alien’s turf when we entered… we must have.

Inside the structure was a corridor running around a large central chamber  with a large device or machinery at its centre. With Thargoid technology it’s really hard to tell one from another. Scattered around the floor was additional mechanical or biological debris. In one of the various alcoves of the chamber we discovered yet another form of sophisticated technology that seemes to ‘link’ itself to the Thargoid tech we already had with us. When we found three pedestals protruding from the central device, on instinct, we placed all items we had — an artifact, a probe and this new link — on them.

This caused the device to activate. It illuminated the chamber and projected a large spiral of glowing dots around itself. It immediately made us think of our Milky Way, although its makeup in terms of spiral arms was completely different. Still, the association was very strong.

There was more to these strange ‘links’. Upon analysis of encoded messages of these map projectors, it was discovered by spectrography that they contain an image similar those of these Thargoid probes. The links, when in space, in turn react to the same encoded messages in that they align to other interstellar coordinates.

By following these leads by now a total of 207 of these Thargoid surface structures have been found, lending the situation and potential threat a completely new dimension. Additionally, the last link in this chain points towards the permit-locked star system of HIP 22460. The reasons for locking this system can only be guessed at this time, so we need to find out. 

Another enigma: Some pilots decided to insert a variety of Guardian relics into these map projectors and the result was quite surprising. It was a violent reaction from the device, emitting shockwaves, seemingly in an attempt to expel intruders. It seems the Thargoids are somehow connected to the Guardians, which will require additional studies.

Certainly, the materials and information gained at these sites will be invaluable in the times to come. Salomé knew they are coming. Whether they come in peace or not, we better be prepared.

Out-of-game context:

The Thargoid surface structures were added as one of the last “mysterious things” updates prior to Elite 2.4 “The Return”. Therein Frontier Developements deployed a number of new listening posts and surface installations with data logs – some of them voice acted – pointing to a strange set of non-human signals received. Each listening post provided a piece of a three-piece-puzzle that when triangulated pointed towards a system. Players would then find the first few surface sites and had to solve the “puzzle” of the Thargoid Links to find the next ones.

Frontier lated expanded that storyline by providing more lore context through the INRA bases on the one hand and by creating a multilateral organisation called Aegis for the more combat oriented playerbase. Aegis in turn was the original “cell” from which all further AXI content evolved.